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About Us

Pigskinz, also marketed under the name Pigskin Madness, is a fun way for organizations to raise money. Since its inception we've helped to raise over $1 million for our partner organizations across the country.

Operated as either a raffle or sweepstakes, Pigskin Madness is a game of chance. Tickets have 4 randomly selected professional football teams for each of the 17 weeks of regular season play. At the end of every week all the scores are added together, and several tickets with the highest (and optionally lowest) total scores win cash prizes. An optional grand prize can be awarded for the ticket with the highest combined weekly score.

Example Ticket

Ticket design is completely customizable to meet your needs. We will work with you closely to make sure that the ticket design reflects your organization's branding and sponsorship goals.

Example Ticket
Example Ticket
Example Report
Example Report

Ticket Manager

View and print tickets online and check rankings by clicking the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Obtain any necessary regulatory approvals.
  2. Decide upon ticket cost, prize payouts, and game rules.
  3. Decide upon graphics and logos. Many of our organizations find a sponsor to pay for some or all of their expenses in exchange for putting a logo on the tickets.
  4. Once the design is finalized decide upon how many tickets you want to print and then place an order. Payment for design/printing must be received before printing begins. Tickets are normally delivered within three weeks from the time payment is received.
  5. Setup payment processing for online sales (if you're doing them), typically through PayPal. We can provide some assistance in that regard; please contact us with any questions.
  6. Sell Tickets!!! Printed tickets will come to you as stapled books of 10 which you can distribute to volunteers for selling. You can optionally record that “issued to” data on the online data entry site. In addition to keeping track of your tickets that information can also be used to see who your top selling volunteers are. You could even opt to award prizes to your volunteers, such as a weekly or grand prize to the volunteer who sold the winning ticket for the week/year.
  7. Enter purchaser data into the online data entry site. For physical ticket sales you will be collecting the filled-out ticket stubs from your volunteers; for digital sales that information will be captured as a part of the purchase process. Somebody from your staff/volunteer pool will then take the purchaser data and enter it into the online data entry site. Optionally you can send purchasers an email with a link to a digital copy of their ticket.
  8. Once the football season starts we will send you a winners report every Tuesday by email and we will post the results online to your results site as a PDF file which you can copy and distribute on your own webpage or anywhere else you choose.
  9. Notify and pay winners, the most fun you'll have all week!
  10. At the end of the season we will send you a grand prize report if you opt for that prize payout. The reports we send you will have full contact info and sales data, making them an invaluable resource for future fundraisers.

Regulatory rules vary state by state; please check with local officials to determine any requirements. We are not able to provide any specific legal advice. In some locations it might be necessary to run the raffle as a sweepstakes (no purchase required). Some organizations have been able to secure sponsorships to cover the cost of prize payouts which is one way to get around certain raffle restrictions.

Ticket prices are completely at your discretion. Most organizations price tickets at $20 each, some charge $25 each/5 for $100.

Prize payouts are completely at your discretion. Some organizations choose to pay a grand prize winner, some do not. Some choose to pay prizes for low scores, some do not. You can use our PRIZE CALCULATOR to determine the prize levels which work best for your organization. Below are some sample prize levels based upon expected ticket sales.

Estimated Sales 500 1000 1500 2000
GRAND PRIZE 250 500 500 1000
HIGHEST Score 100 200 200 200
Second Highest 75 100 100 100
Third Highest 50 50 80 90
Fourth Highest 30 60 80
Fifth Highest 20 50 70
Sixth Highest 40 60
Seventh Highest 30 50
Eighth Highest 20 40
Ninth Highest 30
Tenth Highest 20
LOWEST Score 20 20 20
# of Winners 52 103 154 188

Tickets can be sold for as long as you want to sell them. To be eligible for each week’s prizes tickets must be purchased prior to the start of Thursday night’s football game. Data entry for each week must be completed prior to the end of the game on Monday night.

Our software is capable of excluding bye weeks but because bye weeks have been known to change mid-season most organizations choose to adopt a rule that states that if a team does not play in a given week its score from the previous week will be used.

Because there are a limited number of possible point values, ties invariably happen. If there is a tie, prizes are typically combined and split equally between the winners.